a great list of ad formats – must watch

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Gunns classic. 12 formats you can put tv advertsing into. A must watch


No it is not obscene!!- Yeh to bada toing hai

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I quote comments from Devina Joshi in Agencyfaq’s –

After reviewing the complaint and evaluating options, ASCI’s Consumer Complaint Cell (CCC) has given the ad the go-ahead. A letter from ASCI to Amul Macho executives and the agency on the account, Saints & Warriors, says, “As per their (CCC’s) decision, the complaint has not been upheld. The CCC concluded that the advertisement was not so obscene as to give rise to grave or widespread offence.”


Pushpinder Singh aka Pushpi, the founder of Saints & Warriors and the man behind the idea, is having the last laugh. “Even when the ASCI issue cropped up, we were quite certain that a fair decision would be taken,” he says. His conviction stemmed from his belief that the ad had been received well, proof of which lay in steadily increasing sales for the brand since the release of the ad. “People wouldn’t have bought the product if the ad was vulgar in any way,” he asserts. Further, the ad evoked extreme reactions on a poll conducted by a show on CNBC-TV18. “The ad did its job,” deduces Pushpi. The ad is likely to air for another month. Pushpi is hoping to get the commercial on Doordarshan soon, which will enable Amul Macho to target its core TG: men residing in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

What’s interesting is that a sequel to this ad is in the pipeline. Reveals Sandeep Sakseria, director, Amul Innerwear, “This sequel will make use of the same ‘Crafted for Fantasies’ idea, except that it will be one up on that. We will unleash it on television screens around Diwali.”

Sakseria is pleased with the fact that “the eminent persons at ASCI saw the merit in the idea”. According to him, the ad has been seen at least seven times by C&S viewers, 12+, all-India.

Saints & Warriors won the Amul Macho account about six months ago, armed with ideas to make the communication for the brand clutter-breaking. The ad in question has a newly wed woman entering a ‘dhobi ghat’ (a place where clothes are washed, generally near the banks of a water body), as other women eye her curiously.

Regardless of their stares, the woman opens up her bundle of clothes and pulls out the first garment – Amul Macho innerwear belonging to her husband. She then starts brushing it, and through her expressions, it is clear that she fancies that the man is still wearing it. The women surrounding her are also taken in by her fantasy, so much so that when she raises a bat-like object (used to thrash the dirt out of clothes), the women wince at the thought of the ‘man’ being thrashed like that. The ad ends with the young woman stretching the underwear in her hands, while the super and voiceover conclude, ‘Amul Macho. Craftedfted for Fantasies’

A good , clean and BOLD decision

Yeh to bada Toing Hai

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What a cracker! This Amul Macho Ad. The setting is awesome. The talent and casting even better. And the audio – deliberately suggestive. When you first see it you think it is going to be Unilever Rin ad for washing bars …but it twists so well when the village belle – shows off her paramours undie and strectches it with such a suggestive look on her face…and the audio goes ‘ yeh to bada toing hai”….How did they even get this ad approved? Did anyone from the conservative governments protest? Many moons ago when we made ads we need to get it all the story boards and the final films approved by the (in) famous DD.

Now this one really takes the cake. Cracking humour. Fantasy to the core. And really well thought out. Nothing short of soft porn.

India and Indian Ads are a total enigma. Prudish Indian courts can admit petitions for Richard Gere kissing Shilpa Shetty in public but this ad for Amul Macho Underwear which is so crafty and sexy gets through.

Great show gals… would like to know who made this ad and the name of the talent who washes the Amul macho undie so well!

also see


Fit Itna Mast – No Adjust – VIP Underwear

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The film opens on a man sitting on a milepost waiting for the daily transport to come and someone comes to “adjust” that space with him. With already a person on the scooter’s pillion, a well-built sardar fellow sits on its stepney…”more adjusting”….In another scene people are seen sitting on branches of a tree watching a cricket match….and it is really packed….VO: ..And you keep wondering whether this is going to be a Sccoter ad or another mushy “Indian” senti ad…then the voice over begins – “Waise bhi zindagi mein hum kitna adjust……karte hain, shukar hai underwear toh adjust nahin karni padegi. VIP underwear. Fit itna mast, no adjust.”…

I really liked the idea. No adjust. Fit itna Mast. VIP Underwear…Sums up neatly what the product is and the agency has showcased the idea rather cleverly. The ad has been shot very well too and the audio is superb. Delivered sharply and clearly and the message is fit!! AND THE HUMOR IS VERY DESI!!

Must have been a great time creating and making this ad….Well done guys & gals. Doing something like this means a lot of courage and boldness

Will this makes VIP’s sales go up? That’s the key …Whatdyathink?

Now wait till you see the other men’s underwear ad from Amul Macho!!

Pepsi Gold

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Pepsi Gold

Quite a comeback and very motivational – this Pepsi Gold Ad. Surely capitalizes well on the current sentiment and reinforces Pepsi as a youthful, cheeky and spirited alternative. Really fast eh…when the task needs to be done sometimes agencies and marketing in Indian Companies can turn things around in super speed…

The ad is nicely made. Very watchable. The casting, the setting, the old tailor shop, the rickety fan and the “local nukkad” feel is well done. Who is the director / producer? I particularly liked the way kid says “char saal baad” …Agla WC hum layenge….

Whether this ad is going to sell more of that Gold Liquid that I don’t know. Personally I stay miles away from these aerated drinks.

I also wonder whether kids or whoever is the target will go out and get a Pepsi Gold after seeing this or simply say nice ad and stick to their favorite beverage! Well, what is your view?

Kingfisher’s Great New Audio Code Oh la…leh oh!

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I think the audio code does it for me. Clearly establishes Kingfisher as unique, clever and memorable. The ads have been made in a casual way and you always see the Kingfisher user getting the code right and changing and advising those who don’t. I particularly like the one where this guy in the changing room says ” i am trying yaar”. Oh la la la leh yo…is a smart idea. Anytime anyone hears this and it is an easy code – you will think Kingfisher. When you have to beat the authorities to create surrogate products and surrogate ads you are already pushed against the wall and then to make your ad memorable and engaging is a “hard nut to crack”. I think the agency has cracked it. It will be challenge to keep it going: excitement might wear off and the there wont be any more need for the code. Let’s see what happens next. Whatdyathink?

Aditya Birla Group Corporate Bore!

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Thank God Michael Clark is whacking the NZ bowlers – 3 boundaries in an over. Yes one does need energy and fun like this for  putting yourself through the Aditya Birla Groups Corporate Ad. Can some one take this one off air fast? We will all be better off – the company can save some money and hopefully the spot will be plugged in by some other effective advertising.

If the big wigs are thinking that superior production values and some international faces in the ad is going to convince people to create awareness or change perceptions about the “corporate” – sadly, they are completely batty. What is the point of that ad? Can someone explain? What am I supposed to see and think after seeing that? If the chaps at the agency or the company simply had asked that question they would have saved themselves all this nonsense and loads of dollars.

Just looking good is not enough!

I can see that ad every 30 minutes or so – and sometimes more often – that’s huge GRP’s. Again Why?  People got the point long time ago – if there were any.

And the most annoying thing in the ad – a gruff voice keeps saying “Vande Mataram” in the background while these new age dudes and bimbos keep pushing water and air and making hurricanes of some sort. Hello – ABG – wake up. This is no way to excite your customers or your potential investors.

Thanks to Hayden – I am nicely entertained – he just whacked Vettori for a huge SIX.